My own happiness project

I recently started reading listening to The Happiness Project (Paperback, Kindle, Audible) by Gretchen Rubin and while I would normally be embarrassed to admit I’m even reading this book, I couldn’t help but share it with you due to the immense value its given me so far.

For one, its reminded me that I want to write for my blog more often, thus providing you with this text (even if I am the only one to read it). More importantly, it has reminded me to take time to not only figure out what I want and what makes me happy, but also what makes me unhappy and the nature of my being. Further more, its inspiring me to not only better understand myself, but to accept who that person is and not be afraid to own who I am.

Like Gretchen, I have a short fuse, and like Gretchen, acting on that short fuse snapping makes me feel bad about my reactions long after the snapping is done.

And like Gretchen, there are plenty of things that I wish I liked but in reality, I don’t. To get back into the groove of blogging, here are a few things that I enjoy but don’t do, that I enjoy that I do do (hehe! doodoo), and that I don’t enjoy but do anyway.

things I enjoy but I don’t do (often enough)

  1. working out - I hate going to the gym, but I love how I feel when I’m done. I need to do this more again.
  2. having breakfast out of the house alone with Charlotte (my daughter) - alone time while ‘doing’ something is very rewarding
  3. spending alone time with Spencer (my son) - its time to find something special for just the two of us
  4. reading
  5. working on open source
  6. taking pictures - like working out, inertia is my enemy here
  7. napping
  8. watching documentaries - thats right, I like movies like Helvetica and Jiro Dreams of Sushi

things I enjoy that I do do

  1. making a poop joke every time some says “do do” in a sentence - and just being silly in general, even if its juvenile
  2. listening to audio books during my commute - turns a crappy situation into a manageable one
  3. watching a good football game on a sunday afternoon
  4. going out to dinner with Ceci (alone)
  5. programming - nothing is more rewarding than creating
  6. helping others with their projects - this actually drives me insane at the time but is very rewarding down the road
  7. watching silly “girl” shows with Ceci - housewives, fashion shows, etc. What? I’m man enough to admit it.

things I don’t enjoy but I do anyway

  1. going to the opera - but because my wife enjoys it and I enjoy her company, I can have a good time
  2. reading email
  3. getting up early with the kids - but I do like giving my wife more than 4 hours of sleep
  4. taking out the trash and other chores - seems my wife is the beneficiary of most of the things I don’t enjoy. “Happy wife, happy life”
  5. small talk - I used to think I was extroverted but I’m starting to come to grips with being an introvert that tries hard when he needs to
  6. talking on the phone - I hate the phone; lets do, not talk

I’m sure I could add a ton to this list and maybe one day I will, but for now you have a much better picture of me than you did, and more importantly, I enjoyed writing it.

Thanks, Eric Anderson (@ericlanderson)

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